Mount Dora Half Marathon & 5k Safety Overview

Protective Gear & Sanitation Protocol

• Mount Dora Half Marathon & 5k will employ strict health and safety considerations regarding staff and volunteers. All are required to wear personal protective gear.
• Participants are required to wear a mask pre and post event. Bring your own mask until the race start. Running in a mask is not required. Carry the mask with you in your pocket or running belt and put it on post event.
• Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be accessible through the event venue.
• Portable restrooms handles will be sanitized regularly

Physical Distance

• Mount Dora Half Marathon & 5k will limit participation capacities to ensure local event size restrictions are not exceeded. Capacity information is indicated on each event.
• Physical distancing will be maximized in runner-only areas, including but not limited to bib pick-up area, portable restrooms lines, race start, water stations, finish and post- race food activity. • The race start will be managed by the release of groups based on pace.
• Spectators are to practice social distancing and must be spread out
• There will be no gear check to minimize the contact and exchange of personal items. All personal items and gear should be left in the car or help by a family member.

Hydration Stations & Refreshments

• Participants will be provided with water in a cup at water stations, but volunteers will not distribute water to participants while running. Cups of water will be placed on a table. If you prefer you may bring your own container.
• Water/aid stations will be placed on the course and at the finish line.
• Post-race refreshments may consist of packaged products such as nutrition bars; fruits may include bananas and/or oranges. Sealed water bottle will be available